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Lakbay Palette
Lakbay Palette
Lakbay Palette
Lakbay Palette

Lakbay Palette

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The Lakbay Palette
The word "lakbay" is Tagalog for travel

This is our very first set of handmade colors designed as our primary or starter earth set.  All pans are filled over the rim with highly-pigmented mixture of paints. It is a great set for travel painting because the case's portability.The pans are magnetized. Each color has its unique hue. Colors in this set produce an array of beautiful secondary colors and neutral tones. See pictures for color mixing chart.

Details of the Product: 

  • Colors included:
    - Kayumanggi
    - Ginintuan
    - Bughaw
    - Luntian
    - Itim
Each pan has a strong magnet underneath. It is filled to the brim or over with pigment that has been thoroughly mulled with our own recipe of gum arabic binder. Wrapped and labeled one-by-one. Everything is handmade; may differ from each other and may have superficial cracks - this does not affect the paints. Pans must be dry before storing. Store in a dry area.