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Kayumanggi Individual Pan
Kayumanggi Individual Pan

Kayumanggi Individual Pan

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The Tagalog word, "Kayumanggi" means brown. This word usually portrays Filipino skin-color. 

Our Kayumanggi watercolor is a hue that is red-brown. It is great for Earth tones and for portraiture painting. A little of this paint goes a long way. Mix this color with Bughaw (blue) and get interesting shades of purples. Mix it with our Luntian (Green) and get unique tones of neutral colors perfect for shadows and a wide range of tones.  

Details of the Product:

  • Non-toxic
  • Granulating
  • Non-staining
  • Semi-Opaque

Each pan has a strong magnet underneath. It is filled to the brim or over with pigment that has been thoroughly mulled with our own recipe of gum arabic binder. We fill the pans in 2-3 parts to ensure that the whole pan is dry then, it is wrapped carefully and labeled one-by-one. 

Note: Let watercolor pans dry every after use before storing to prevent mold growth. Store in a dry area, do not expose to humidity.