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Hardin Palette
Hardin Palette

Hardin Palette

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Each pan of color is painstakingly hand-made, so only a limited quantity of our Hard Palettes is available at a given time. 

Should this product be out of stock, we may or may not offer a pre-order option. 

Our master palette of colors that come from various plants and trees grown locally here in our country. This little palette is jam-packed with nine colors:

  1. Indigo (Deep Blue) 
    The coveted organic blue we all love. A plant-based  color that is great for both mixing shadows and as a stand-alone color.
  2. Sappang (Reddish-brown) 
    From Sappanwood or Brazil tree. A red-brown color from the Sappang tree. It is a great color for mixing skin tones and Earthy hues.
  3. Tawa-Tawa (Yellow)
    A yellow-biased hue from the medicinal Tawa-Tawa plant. The color is comparable to the color name yellow ochre, a staple in every artist's palette.
  4. Teak (Brown)
    A brown color from the Teak tree, use if for mixing tones and shadows.
  5. Talisay Black
    A black hue that may sometimes show a hint of yellow bias. It is extracted from the same material as Talisay Yellow. 
  6. Talisay Yellow
    A neon-like hue of yellow that comes from the Talisay Tree. Add little of this to your chosen blue color and you get intense greens!
  7. Peñarrubia Green
    Our special blend of pigment that makes an earthy green tone. It is great for mixing with other colors to achieve different green tones. 
  8. Anato
    Our soft yellow orange color that comes from Atsuete or Anato seeds. A staple in local cooking and now in your color mixing journey!
  9. Ube - our unique violet color from the all-time Filipino favorite ube (root crop). This color is quite unpredictable as first use will show you a black color that eventually dries to a vibrant violet color.

The optional tin fits exactly 9 unwrapped half pans. This set may come shipped to you with some pans in a separate container as the wrappers make the pans too bulky to fit into the tin case. Alll pans are magnetized. 

Note: Let watercolor pans dry every after use before storing to prevent mold growth. Store in a dry area, do not expose to humidity.