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FAQs & Policies


Q: Are your paints safe?
A: We put in tons of research to create non-toxic products for everyone to enjoy. That being said, all our watercolors are safe but should not be ingested nor applied on skin as face or body paint. The same applies for our dry pigments.

Q: Are your paints safe for my natural sable paint brushes?
A: Definitely. Like other brands, we advise you rinse or wash your brushes well every after use.

Q: How do I store my new Pinta PH watercolors?
A: Humidity is our number one enemy in the Philippines - it affects paints and paper alike. Make sure that paints are dry every after use before closing your palette. Then, store them in a dry area. Using a dehumidifier or storing them with a small packet of silica gel will help in deterring any mold growth. 

Q: Are your paints vegan?
A: We use honey in our binder so, unfortunately, our paints are not vegan.

Q: How do I use pigments?
A: When handling dry pigments. Pigment particles are very fine and may easily be inhaled. Please use gloves and a respirator to prevent this. Take care as to not ingest or get any dust on your eyes. Use a liquid binder to adhere pigments unto your chosen surface. We also sell gum arabic powder as binder. 

Q: Are your dry pigments safe for soap-making or candle-making?
A: All our pigments are formulated only to be used for paints and artist materials. We don't advise you to use them to experiment with making soaps, candles, nor food. 

If you place an order with us, we assume that you have read our FAQs and Shipping pages for information. 

Q: Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
A: As our products, especially the paints, are made by hand, we try our best to making them as perfect as possible. As such, we do not accept refunds but we can accept exchanges of the same product depending on stock availability. Items for exchange should be in same condition as when purchased. Any visible signs of usage or tampering will not be accepted. We will review your case. Don't hesitate to contact us so we can help you. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds nor exchanges to products shipped abroad. 
Please head to our Shipping page for more information.